Time to Say Goodnight

Sesame Street: Andrea Bocelli's Lullabye To Elmo

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=5BDVvB7Xx1w

Andrea: .... and they lived happily ever after .

Elmo: Awww, that was a nice story.

Andrea: Okay, Elmo, time to close your eyes and get to sleep.

Elmo: Uh, Mr. Andrea Bocelli? Does Elmo have to?

Andrea: Elmo, we have had a story, a song, it's late and you must be sleepy.

Elmo: Elmo isn't sleepy
Elmo wants some water
And another story
Elmo's eyes are open wide awake
And Elmo doesn't feel so snorey

Andrea: Time to say goodnight
Lie down
Here is your bear

You've had such a wonderful day
Playing and counting to twenty

Singing songs

And going to the park with your friends
So now won't you give me a hug?

It's time to say goodnight

Elmo: Elmo doesn't wanna
Elmo isn't tired
Elmo wants to stay up
You don't have to worry
Elmo makes a promise
Elmo will be okay up

Andrea: Time to say goodnight
Relax and close your eyes
You need to get plenty of rest
You've got a full day tomorrow
Playing games
Dancing and saying the alphabet

So now won't you give me a kiss?

It's time to say goodnight.

Andrea: So good night!

Elmo: Mr. Bocelli? Please, Elmo's trying to sleep.

Andrea: Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep.