Musica de peliculas, para bajar con el emule

EL emule esta funcionando muy bien, los archivos bajan rapidisimo, y en especial el dream mule te permite ver, en el caso de que bajes un video, con muy poca descarga la calidad que tiene.
EN este post voy a compartir con ustedes, musica de peliculas.

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

01. Opening 2:54
02. In Noctem 2:00
03. The Story Begins 2:05
04. Ginny 1:30
05. Snape The Unbreakable Vow 2:50
06. Wizard Wheezes 1:42
07. Dumbledores Speech 1:31
08. Living Death 1:55
09. Into The Pensieve 1:45
10. The Book 1:44
datos:Nicholas Hooper-Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince-OST-2009-VAG ra... 84,47 MB

Public Enemies

1. Otis Taylor Ten Million Slaves 4:09
2. The Bruce Fowler Big Band Chicago Shake 3:10
3. Elliot Goldenthal Drive To Bohemia 1:11
4. Billie Holiday Feat. Teddy Wilson His Orchestra Love Me Or 3:21
Leave Me
5. Elliot Goldenthal Billies Arrest 2:20
6. Billie Holiday Her Orchestra Am I Blue 2:52
7. Elliot Goldenthal Love In The Dunes 1:50
8. Diana Krall Bye Bye Blackbird 3:47
9. Elliot Goldenthal Phone Call To Billie 1:44
VA-Public Enemies-(OST)-2009-MTD rar 59,84 MB

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01.Notorious feat Bone Thugs 06:06
02.Hypnotize 03:50
03.Notorious B.I.G. feat Lil Kim 03:12
04.Juicy 05:01
05.Party and Bullst 03:37
06.Warning 03:39
07.One More Chance/Stay with Me Remix 04:29
08.Brooklyn Go Hard feat Jay Z 03:59
09.Letter to B.I.G.feat Faith Evans 04:01
10.Kick in the Door 03:35

88.2 MB 67:55 min

OST-Notorius-2009-ONe rar 90,97 MB


Transformers 2 Revenge Of The Fallen

01.New Divide Linkin Park
02.21 Guns Green Day
03.Let It Go Cavo
04.Capital ME Taking Back Sunday
05.Never Say Never The Fray
06.Burn It To The Ground Nickelback
07.Burning Down The House The Used
08.Not Meant To Be Theory Of A Deadman
09.Real World The AllAmerican Rejects
10.Dont Think I Love Hoobastank

VA-Transformers 2 Revenge Of The Fallen-OST-2009-TosK rar 79,79 MB


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Twilight - (Deluxe Edition)

01. Muse Supermassive Black Hole 3:31
02. Paramore Decode 4:22
03. The Black Ghosts Full Moon 3:50
04. Linkin Park Leave Out All The Rest 3:20
05. Mutemath Spotlight Twilight Mix 3:20
06. Perry Farrell Go All The Way Into The Twilight 3:27
07. Collective Soul Tremble For My Beloved 3:53
08. Paramore I Caught Myself 3:55
09. Blue Foundation Eyes On Fire 5:01
10. Rob Pattinson Never Think 4:30

VA-Twilight-OST-(Deluxe Edition)-2009-VAG rar 93,62 MB


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Transporter 3

01 Alexandre AzariaTake Care of Them 02:40
02 EveSet it on Fire 03:41
03 Alexandre AzariaM T Room 02:27
04 Alexandre AzariaBetter Now Darling 03:35
05 Alexandre AzariaBack from the Grave 03:45
06 Holly GolightlyWhereever you Were 02:36
07 Alexandre AzariaHome 05:07
08 Alexandre AzariaDrive Faster 05:57
09 TrickyHell is around the Corner 03:49
10 Alexandre AzariaMarseille 05:28
11 Alexandre AzariaLandscape 03:36

821 m e g s t o t a l 64:53

OST-Transporter 3-2008-CMS rar 84,77 MB


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si no tienen el emule, lo descargan de aca:

para imprimir los cover les dejo este programa que para mi es el mejor, UnderCoverXP:

fuente de informacion: saugstubi.

espero que les sirva, gracias.